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Senate Bill 7 (Moorlach), which would require a school or community college district bond measure be supported by a facilities master plan with cost estimates, and that any measure specify each planned project and the named school or college campus of the project.

Assembly Bill 776 (Harper), which, as amended, would require the bond ballot statement for school and community college district bond measures to include text directing voters to the voter information guide for information about the bond's effects on property taxes.

Assembly Bill 1196 (Harper), which, as amended, would require that the weighted average maturity of school and community college district general obligation bonds used to finance furniture and equipment not exceed 120% of the average reasonably expected life expectancy of the financed furniture and equipment.

6th Annual CaLBOC Statewide Conference
"Bond Oversight Basics"

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Little Hoover Commission Report

"Borrowed Money: Opportunities for Stronger Bond Oversight"  February 2017 

Los Angeles Civil Grand Jury Report:
"Capital Appreciation School Bond Debt: Consequences of Poor Financial Practices"
Final Report 2015-2016

May 19, 2015 Conference
Don Mullinax Presentation:
Fraud Awareness: School Construction


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California School & Community College District Bond Legislation


The California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CaLBOC) is an all volunteer, non-partisan association of Citizen Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) members, current and past, who are interested in helping other CBOC members. CaLBOC was formed in 2006 by CBOC members trying to find better training to help perform their duties. CaLBOC is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Assembly Bill 1253 (Cooley), which, as amended, would, among other things, require a county office of education, at the request of a citizens' oversight committee, review a school district's employment of a professional firm, including, but not limited to, a financial adviser, underwriter, bond counsel, underwriter counsel, or trustee, or of a construction contractor for the facilities to be funded from the proceeds of the bond issue.  ...

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Issues in Alum Rock District's Bond Oversight Bylaws

Sept. 20, 2017 | By The Fly  |
EXCERPT: Voters in Alum Rock Union Elementary School District have passed $444 million in construction bonds since 2008. But the district's inability to manage its bond-funded projects has led to a damning state audit, an investigation by the county District Attorney's Office and a financial takeover by the Santa Clara County Office of Education.  
     Raymond Mueller, a parent who monitors two of the past three bond measures as chair of Alum Rock's Citizens' Oversight Committee, says he unearthed yet another symptom of dysfunction. The committee's bylaws were apparently penned in a way that undermines its state-mandated authority to keep the district's bond spending in check.  
    It's basically a watchdog with no teeth. At least, so says Anton Jungherr, a member of the California League of Bond Oversight Committees (CalBOC), who spoke at Mueller's committee meeting Monday night in his individual capacity as a lifelong school administrator.  
    "The committee cannot meet when they want to meet, the committee members can be removed for any reason by the school board, they can't have subcommittees and they can't talk to vendors, staff or contractors," Jungherr tells Fly. "So I don't see how they could be independent, which is required by law."...
    Jungherr, who co-founded CalBOC with David Ginsborg, says it's all too common for school districts to undermine citizen watchdog groups, which, according to a 2017 report by the Little Hoover Commission, have overseen a combined $138 billion in local facilities bonds in California since 2000. ...  
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SB 341 - CBOC Member Terms

Governor Brown Vetoes Majority

July 18, 2017 | By Lee Barnathan |
EXCERPT:  A bill co-sponsored by State Sen. Scott Wilk (R-Antelope Valley) and Assemblyman Dante Acosta (R-Santa Clarita) passed with a supermajority in both houses, only to be vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown. ...
     Senate Bill 341, which doubles the number of two-year terms that a member of a local school bond citizens' oversight committee may serve- from three to six consecutive - passed 34-0 in the Senate on Mar. 30 and 74-0 in the Assembly on June 29, only to be vetoed by Brown on July 17. ...
   In vetoing the bill, Brown wrote, "This bill is a statewide solution to a limited problem. Although a few school districts cite difficulty (in) recruiting members to serve on their bond oversight committee(s), this bill could create fewer opportunities for community involvement statewide. This is contrary to the goal of the bond oversight committee, which is to ensure that taxpayers have the opportunity to provide proper oversight of these funds."... 
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